7. Recent Landscape Flooding & Storms - the secret our ancestors knew about Britain's weather

“Flooding is the major and most frequently recurring natural disaster in Britain.  However, it is not a new phenomenon and geological information show where it has happened in the last 10,000 years” - British Geological Society.

BSG has published maps showing the remains of ancient waterways evidenced by the deposits of clay, sand and gravel; these are termed as “ alluvial deposits," and they cover 10% of the mainland of Britain showing it was flooded directly after the last Ice Age - but there are further deposits of all a substances called 'head' made up also of Clay, sand and gravel, which show, in reality, that 40% of the land surface was flooded directly after the last ice age - the consequence is that the so-called ‘hunter/gathers’ could not have existed as portrayed in our history books, unless he had a boat.

So why are these obvious geological features ignored by archaeologists and what could it mean to the history of Ancient Britain?

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